Friday, 26 August 2016

Bank Holiday weekend lingerie treats...

And opening hours. Well Saturday and Sunday are normal opening hours but Monday the boudoir will be closed all day, re-opening at midday on Tuesday. Sorry lingerie lovers- you best get your Bank Holiday Treat quick. Below are a few pieces that arrived this week to entice you in (like you need any encouragement!)

I will start with my favourite, although it has to noted that out of the 3 collections I will show you, it was a tough call to make- but yep its by Aubade.

Part of the reason this is number 1 for me this week is the matching deep suspender belt. I love wearing suspender belts and adore it when a colourful lingerie collection offers one, there are only so many black sets that I want a belt with. So this made me so happy. The collection is the first for Aubade with a new shape, it is a half cup but upto the G cups and from a 30" back. Also it has the great soft padded plunge that is not always available (I am not overly mad on the moulded padded plunge) thus making my decision very difficult on which shape to go for... I'm sure I will be revealing all over on Instagram in due course so stay tuned in ;-)

Then we have not 1 but 2 collections from Simone Perele.
First up is our beloved Amour, if you know Amour then you 'need' this colour. It is so beautiful- not the best picture of the colour but it is a gorgeous topaz. All the usual shapes from 30" back and upto a F cup. I have only shot a picture of the padded plunge, but the lace half cup is pretty lovely too, you will have to swing by to see for yourself...but not Bank Holiday Monday as the boudoir will be closed don't forget.

Last but by no means least is a new collection, this purple ensemble is called Byzance.

 It is described as "Sensual and rock 'n' roll embroidery". The fastening and metal details are in my metal of choice, rose gold as you can see in the image above and on the half cup in the bottom image. No 30" backs in this collection unfortunately and only upto an E cup, but still it is rather beautiful. 3 bra shapes on offer, although I have only capture 2 sorry. The padded plunge, half cup and a full cup. The colour is the most perfect shade of purple and it is exactly Tallulah purple (hence the perfect shade).

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. It is so hot as I type, think it is time for some...

(This image was taken in Gods Own Junkyard, a haven of neon signs that are old and new.)

Hope you have a wonderful extra long Bank Holiday Weekend, and hope to see you in the boudoir soon.
Lots of Lingerie Love from,
T xx

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Summer in the city...

So finally Justin Timberlake has taken the sunshine out of his pocket and put it in the sky for us all to enjoy, well for today and maybe tomorrow anyway! 
I love the lighter, almost carefree moods, hearing music wafting through the air and the fact that one can have a Gin and Tonic at any time of the day when it is this hot (sip sip).

My current obsession is still the Simone Perele 'Wish' in Paprika and here is an image of how I 'wish' I could wear it!

This week in the boudoir it has been rather exciting, I have started the swimwear buying for next summer (I know we haven't even had this summer yet right!?) and for once I am actually really excited at what I have seen. As much as I love swimwear, it is not my favourite to buy for Tallulah's loyal customers. I know how important it is to feel confident whilst one is walking around practically naked, I just would much rather be shopping for (myself) stock for the boudoir pieces of pretty Chantilly lace trimmed bras and matching panties or sheaths of silk.  Although I have to say, my heart skipped a beat a couple of times over the last couple of days, so watch this space...but in the meantime he is a little snippet of what I am thinking...

Another exciting thing to happen this week is we had our rather wonderful Photographer Mark Whitfield in shooting some new interior shots of the boudoir. It is always a laugh when Mark is in and typically always gets busy- I think he loves it! Check out his website and Instagram page, he really is a very good Photographer and always so much fun, he manages to capture Tallulah just the way it is, beautiful. 

Right now I am prepping for a new Christine Silk order, and as you know Tallulah is very proud and privileged to be the soul European stockist for this Canadian handmade brand. Now if you have 1 (or more) of these amazing silk gowns, you will know what I mean when I say that they are THE most amazing silk gown, slip, nightie, dress - how ever you want to wear it, there is. They are utterly divine. Every very time we sell one to a lucky lady we share the warning, once you have 1 colour you WILL want more... well Christine silk gown ladies, I am in the middle of placing Tallulah's order. If you have a bespoke request, then please get it in to me by the end of the day on Friday. Email with any questions and I will be sure to help you get your very own bespoke silk gown.
I will be ordering for myself the shorter length that sits below the knee, we sold out of these pretty quick earlier in the year- I'm thinking it will be my Christmas Party Dress. You know what, we have actually sold quite a few in this new length as tango dresses, well dancing dresses- the movement to them is wonderful.

Everyone is writing about the trend Tallulah loves best, the Underwear As Outerwear trend, including this week in The Guardian click on the link and have a little read, then order your bespoke silk Christine gown ;-)

I think my laptop has had enough of the heat so I am signing off. Hope you have enjoyed this blog post!
Lots of Lingerie Love to you, and I hope to see you in the boudoir soon for a little lingerie fix.
T xx

Friday, 1 July 2016

Have you been fitted recently?

I am not mentioning it, I refuse to except that Staying In is the new going out (I wish).
That's it- the only mention of last weeks shenanigans in this blog post!
Have you been fitted recently? I know every time one of our lovely and wonderful loyal ladies purchase a new bra or 2 from Tallulah they get a fitting, but have YOU been fitted (the ladies who are yet to swing by the boudoir)? You may read that it is advisable to be fitted very 6 months for a bra- personally I feel this statement to be a little exaggerated, and every time one purchases a new bra just be professionally fitted. This could be every 3 months or every year how ever you lingerie shop. We have some customers that shop once a month (or twice, you know who you are true lingerie addicts) and then we have the once a year get it all done in one go shoppers. What ever sort of lingerie shopper you are make sure your fitter sees every bra on you- and I do to mean in a department store (and one in particular who you all know I have massive issues with- I will not say the name again) but in a professionally trained environment, preferably independent (just because us indies need to support each other and spread the love) your breast tissue, posture and outerwear will only Thank you. Once you have been fitted professionally you will know exactly how good a well fitting bra feels, you will be able to feel yourself if your bra really is ill-fitting.

Swing by to be fitted in this gorgeous new colour way of the fabulous 'Wish' collection delivered this week from Simone Perele. At Tallulah we love everything about this collection and in the past we have stocked it in Black, Grey and Blush. If you have had any of the other colours and I know many of you have had all 3- this is a must have addition to  your lingerie collection. I can't decide whether to go for the padded plunge pictured below or the sheer half cup. I have had both shapes and equally love to wear both...

Apart from the obvious reason why we love this collection so much at Tallulah- have you seen the delicate embroidery? and the strap detail?...but the sizes on offer make this one of our best sellers due to the 30" backs and up to F cups. Plus the fit, it has been my main go to this year to fit with on many ladies.

Another new collection arrived this week photographed above and I am wearing it today. I keep it no secret my love of Chantal Thomass and all of her collections that arrive in the boudoir. However, the only complaint (eekkk I know) is that I do wish so very much that we had the same generous sizes to offer like the 'Wish' collection. We never have 30" backs and only ever up to an E cup from C.T. This new collection is named 'Craquante' translated to crunchy- this will be my new Friday set I think! One of the things I totally love apart from the sheer tulle, subtle polka dot and frill on the cup is the knickers, smooth with no seams = no VPL genius! Below is a cheeky shot of me this morning...

And if you follow Tallulah on Instagram you will of seen another selfie of me wearing it to, but with more clothes on this time! I am obsessed with this bra at the moment!

Something one does not need to be fitted for is a silk slip or camisole, and this gorgeous deep green and black leopard print silk camisole from Stella McCartney is a great Underwear As Outerwear piece. Tucked into a sexy pencil skirt or teamed up with denim cut offs, anyway you like it is so easy to wear.

The picture at the top of this blog is one of our fitting cards. Why don't you book your appointment for a fitting today- call the boudoir 020 7704 0066 and we can book you in, fit you and start a file for you with all of your details of size, what does and does not suit or fit you, all ready for someone, anyone to come and buy you a treat or 2.

I mentioned 'Wish' a fair few times in these few paragraphs, from lingerie to real events I do wish things turn out differently in all aspects of life. Including the result of last week. 
5 months have gone by (if you are a regular reader of this blog you will know what happened 5 months ago) and this week I really need to cheer myself up with something colourful and lucky enough this arrived just in time...

Thank you Marjolaine, you rescued me. A silky treat to myself. 
Looking forward to seeing you over the weekend for a treat to yourself, 
go on, you deserve it.

Until next time lingerie lovers, be kind to yourself, your body.
Tallulah x

Friday, 17 June 2016

Mid-Summer Cocktail Loungwear and bubbles at the boudoir.. You're invited!

Tallulah loves mid-summer weekends, nights get longer and showing more glowing skin is a must. 

We couldn't think of a more perfect time to introduce brand new designer Maguy de Chadirac's to the boudoir. 
Her beautiful collection of cocktail loungewear couldn't be more cause for a celebration. 

Tallulah invites you to share a glass of bubbles whilst you browse gorgeous peach silk and special bespoke pieces. 

Read on for a sneak peak and opportunities to win more stunning pieces.. 

And introducing the new way to enjoy cocktails...

Prize draw tickets will be available from this Saturday, but fear not we'll continue to sell them over the next few weeks so no one misses out! 
Each strip is £5, and all proceeds go to charity.

A little more about our treats... 

Dinny Hall have very kindly sent down some 10% off vouchers to be spent on some new jewellery from her Islington boutique at the top of Cross Street, personally I have my eye these beautiful pink sapphire and diamond studs set in rose gold...

Thank you to the ladies at Eberjey who have kindly donated this Vibrant blue cotton two piece, cute but sexy teddie to sleep in and matching robe to wrap up in.

The wonderful people at Ethical luxury candle from M&J London. 
Fill your Summer nights with elderflower, lemongrass, gooseberry and juniper aromas with their  
Left Bank Martini candle.

Traditionally sexy black silk slip with lace trim and pin tucks details sent to us by Ginia our new Australian company- Thank you guys!

Cheeky feather tickler.. for you're naughty side- wink wink!

Sexy snuggling has never felt so good in Shell Belle's cashmere cardigan, Look at this beautiful ivory soft and cover up, what more luxurious  
What more could you need to wet your appetite? 

See you soon lingerie lovers, 
T x

Thursday, 2 June 2016

All wrapped up and smiling...

Who doesn't love a bit of luxury?
For me it starts first thing in the morning, swinging my legs out from the warmth of my rumpled bed sheets to go make the coffee, and this I do by shimmering down the 2 flights of stairs in my house wrapped up in some sort of slinky silk and lace robe or beautiful printed floral cotton kimono. What ever it is I am wearing, it will had made me smile wrapping myself up in it, and getting ready for the outside world that day. 

I posted the picture below on Instagram earlier this week and the response from fellow  lingerie lovers was just how I feel, with 1 in particular saying and I quote "So Pretty!!! Even seeing this pic puts a smile on my face"
That is exactly how it should make you feel Cheeky ;-)

You smiling yet? 

The silk and lace robes we have in the boudoir at the moment are breath-taking (even if I do say so myself....again!). I mean, look at this window display from last week...

All looking beautiful hanging out together, ready to go off to their new homes are pieces from Shell Belle, Marjolaine, Christine and Jayley in antique rose, blush, golden honey and mint tones.
Below is the antique rose lace on rose silk satin Marjolaine.

Here is a close up of the exquisite detailing on the eyelash laced sleeve's...

Then we have Shell Belle, who as you know we love Shell Belle in Tallulah, as I type this I am wearing my Black lace shirt tucked into high waisted jeans- the whole collection is one of my total favourites to wear as Outerwear. Sorry, back to the kimono which is pictured below, this colour way is Elderflower, we also have it in Cream. It is divine. 

Pictured here with a simple ivory chemise, it is very a popular piece for our bohemian brides-to-be wearing on the morning of their wedding. Of course it is not just for Brides, this gorgeous 1920s style kimono is perfect for lounging, cocktail sipping or on a more practical note- dusting in.

If silk and lace robes are not for you, look at these darling cotton robes from British designer Verry Kerry.

The robe pictured above we have stocked before and we often have her winking at passers by from the window, I have this one and I promise you, it makes me smile every morning I slip into it. This is the robe I wear when we have guests for breakfast and it is an occasion that that wearing my silk and lace ensembles is just not called for. I can poach eggs in it or serve granola all whilst feeling lovely and dressed 'appropriately'. Here is a selection of some of the prints available at the moment vary from soft tones of delicate flowers to dark navy and aztec prints.

Below is a close up of one of the new dressing gowns delivered last week from Verry Kerry. As you can see from above, we would normally have amazing prints from Kerry, but this time we have also had a crocheted cream short robe delivered with delicate detailing of a splash of aqua on the sleeves.

I love everything about Verry Kerry, from her beautiful prints to wonderful ethical beliefs and of course when one smiles it inspires others around you to do same ;-)

That brings this blog post to an end, I hope you have enjoyed the read and even seen something that you may just need in your life so we will be seeing you in the boudoir soon.

Thats a wrap.

Until next time Lingerie lovers...
Tallulah x

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Everyone is talking about Undressed...

Unfortunately I am yet to visit the Victoria & Albert museum to see the Lingerie Exhibition. Tickets for myself and the Tallulah girls should have been ordered way in advanced. We should of been and this blog should be about our experience at the V&A, but if you are a follower of this blog you will know I have not been myself of late and organising something like tickets in advanced is way out of my realm of things, plus more dramas have occurred but I promise not to bore you with them...Promise!

Instead this blog post is about another exciting event that myself and Maria had the opportunity to visit this week. This Monday (finally we have started opening the boudoir on Mondays again, Tallulah is coming back to work at last!) but we closed early to pop off to Brick lane and attend a talk on Lingerie. One of our very dear customers who has been supporting Tallulah and I have had the pleasure of supporting her breasts for years now, invited us into her club- Kit Kat. A women only members club. Every month these women  get together with a panel and learn something new. This month and I'm sure it was no coincidence that the V&A has just launched, their talk was on Lingerie. On the panel was Edwina Ehrman, curator of the V&A exhibition (who I have to say was my favourite, she was great, full of amazing knowledge) Samantha Roddick, founder of Coco De Mer and Soozie Jenkinson, designer at M&S. Now you all know my thoughts on M&S, from the fabrics they use to the fittings and what they actually fit like so I won't be rude and start my rant off...

We arrived early evening to a very warm welcome, drinks were flowing as were the introductions to so many wonderful women all so interesting and interested to hear about Tallulah, neither Maria or myself are big on 'networking' and I guess we could of done so much more- we both just enjoyed chatting, meeting new people and popping in to some Tallulah customers, I often forget what a small world it is we live in!

The venue was such an amazing space. Maria and I loved it, both wanting a party of some sort ourselves there. Think trendy open space in the basement of an building on Brick Lane. It was separated very cleverly with the use of the furniture and lighting in to different 'rooms'. Below are a couple of images I managed to snap before the talk commenced.

The talk was on the History, Fantasy & Reality of Underwear. As mentioned above Edwina Ehrman I most enjoyed listening too, she spoke about 'Breast Bags' in 1450, can you imagine call ones bra your breast bag? Here is an image of an original- thread bare wouldn't you say?

She then went on to talk about the evolution from bust supporter as in the boned corset that we all know about and the complete ridged-ness back in 1876 to the around 1910 when the corset became more an under bust corset, so it was shrinking and the bra as we love and know it know started to take shape, you can see this in the middle image below, softer looking, more relaxed. Then the 1930s happened and the soft braille was invented and loved. This shape is making a huge come back with soft bra sales in the boudoir massively going up. We have always sold soft cup bras and I wear them at night, not only do I love bras, but the shape they give under my silk nighties is an absolute must.

Edwina then went on to talk about colourful lingerie. Back in the day the rule was to wear lingerie the colour of your skin. That turned out to be black or white (who ever has these skin tones even back then...) it was deemed to be frivolous and one was a fiend should they be trying to attract attention with different colour corsets or even socks and look how trendy it is now to have mad colourful socks! I know what I would be wearing and it would 100% not be white. That is unless is was this gorgeous new Wacoal set that arrived last week. It makes me think of the 70s, ok so not burn my bra 70s, but 70s fashion- imagine this teamed with a light shirt unbuttoned low tucked into high waisted flares wearing  stacked wedges finished off with rose gold huge hoops. Sorry I went off track there a little, off to a little hippy sunny place for a bit!

Back on the talk, it was great but I did come away feeling a little niggled. One of the questions from the audience was about the price of knickers and how expensive generally lingerie is (the M&S lady kept saying how they have machine washable silk bras for something ridiculous like twenty quid...quality, NOT) but no one answered this, I had my hand up and was desperate to let this lady know about the many 50 odd pieces of good quality fabric it takes to make a bra let alone the matching knickers, so from the pattern design process to cutting fabrics then on to stitching together involves so much more work than saying running up a pair of trousers, I am by no means suggesting that this easy either- I went to London College of Fashion back in the day and completed a Fashion Design course, I know pattern cutting and stitching and didn't really like it, my tutor  Jane ended up running up most of my final collection -ssshhhhhhhh!! 

I will be visiting the V&A soon, no the tickets are not booked- but I would really love to visit the exhibition, have you been? Swing by the boudoir and share your thoughts on it, 
would love to hear.
Until next time lingerie lovers, enjoy the sunshine that is teasing us every day or two. Hope to see you on Cross Street soon.

P.S next blog time I will be gushing about a new designer I met with Yesterday. She is amazing, her collection is ridiculously amazing and Tallulah will be celebrating finding her and the most perfect boudoir slippers very very soon with bubbles of course! 
T xx